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This radio show has been discontinued due to lack of time to record.  Archived shows are available here.  The rest of the information on this page is for historical purposes or in the event the show is resumed in the future.

Welcome to FatherRosadoDotCom Talk

FatherRosadoDotCom Talk is my new radio show about all things Catholic.  I will interview Catholic Musicians, talk about our faith and pray the Rosary on this radio station.  You can call in at (347) 857-4580 and then press 1 to be part of the show.  



Upcoming Shows


For show times please visit: http://www.blogtalkradio.com/fatherrosado


Shows every Sunday (depending on Father Rosado's schedule)


11 pm Eastern/10 pm Central/8 pm Pacific/Hawaii-Aleutian Time Zone 5 pm/American Samoa 4 pm/9 pm Mountain Time/Alaska 7 pm/Puerto Rico varies based on time of year between 11 pm and 10 pm/Guam 1 pm/Atlantic Time Zone varies between 12 midnight and 1 am depending on the year.

FatherRosadoDotCom Radio

New Christianity Internet Radio with FatherRosadodotcom talk on BlogTalkRadio

For an archive of older episodes please visit: Blogtalkradio.com/fatherrosado

In order to use the app click on the orange button and then click on the name of the episode you would like to listen to.

How to Listen to FatherRosadoDotCom Talk

Their are a few ways to listen to FatherRosadoDotCom Talk

For Live Shows

1. Any phone can be your radio.  During the show call (347) 857-4580.  

2. Go the directly to my blogtalkradio page by clicking here.

3. Use the Catholic Radio App available on this page.  It is also available at http://www.appcatch.com/app_a-613918.html  Soon it will be on Google Play.

For Shows on Demand (not live)

1. The best way is to come to this page.

2. If you prefer you can go to my blogtalkradio page by clicking on the link in number 2 above.